8 Reasons Why Guys Should Buy Candles

1. Your job is stressful

Having candles lit around your home can provide the perfect atmosphere helping to relieve stress by inducing a sense of calm and well being.

2. It will look like you can decorate

Place a few candles or reed diffusers around your home and it will give everyone the impression that you know a thing or two about home decor.

3. You hate Laundry

Don't want to do your laundry today? Light up a few candles and you wont have to worry about the smell of your dirty gym clothes!

4. You have a girlfriend

What girl doesn't like a good candle! Light a few candles and cook her a meal for an intimate date night at home.

5. You have pets

Although we love them dearly, our cats and dogs can smell pretty bad sometimes. Light up a candle or place a few diffusers around to keep your place smelling fresh.

6. You don't know what to buy someone as a gift

Christmas, birthdays, house warming. Whatever the occasion, a candle is always a winning choice for a gift.

7. You're a modern man

The modern man doesn't concern himself with gender stereotypes about candles. You take pride in your place and having it looking and feeling the best.

8. Candles smell amazing

Why wouldn't you want your place to smell delightful! Imagine your place smelling like freshly baked cinnamon buns without you having to make any.