Natural Soy Wax Candle Care

Welcome to The Corbett Collective! 

For our candles we blend natural soy wax with coconut for an amazing smelling, natural candle. Soy wax is a beautiful wax but it does have some quirks that we have to work with. 

Soy wax is:

- Natural

- Has a creamy beautiful appearance

- Releases the fragrance beautifully

- Has no soot when burnt as per burn instructions

- Is non toxic in your home

Quirks of soy wax:

- It doesn't have a perfect reset after burning, you will notice there may be some little bumps after burning, this is completely normal and unavoidable with some natural waxes

- Soy doesn't like temperature changes, this means it can have a frosted appearance to the wax, crack, or have other imperfections especially during cold weather. This does not affect the burn of the candle and it shows the candle is made of natural ingredients

- It is harder for the candle maker to use, we have perfected our formula over time and experience with candle making 

Why do we add coconut?

- It gives the wax a beautiful shiny appearance

- It makes the reset smoother, without the coconut the top would be even bumpier after you burn it

- It helps the candle to smell stronger

- It reduces imperfections of natural soy such as frosting and cracking

How to burn a soy wax candle:

- Keep wick trimmed to 5-6mm for cotton wicks and 4mm for wood wicks and trim prior to each burn

- Burn in a draught free room 

- Allow the entire top of the candle to melt before extinguishing flame

- To further reduce soot ensure wick is always trimmed prior to burning and extinguish using a snuffer or gently push the wick into the melted wax using a utensil to extinguish the flame

- Enjoy the lovely smell of our candles and let them fill your home!