Should I Purchase A Diffuser Or A Candle?

Should I get a diffuser or a candle? It's a question that we get asked quite often but there isn't a right or wrong answer. Let's take a look at a few reasons why you might prefer a candle or a diffuser.


Top reasons to purchase a reed diffuser:

Safety concerns: If you have young children or pets in your home, having a candle with an open flame might not be the best choice. You run the risk of them accidentally touching the flame or knocking the candle over, spilling hot wax. Reed diffusers are flame free which makes them a stress free option if you have a couple of mischievous kids and/or pets like we do!  

Continuous Fragrance: If you prefer your home to have a lovely fragrance at all times a diffuser is the way to go. Reed diffusers release the fragrance consistently throughout the day, rather than needing lighting like a candle.

Longer Lasting: Our reed diffusers last over 6 months, which is a lot longer than our large candle which typically lasts 48 hours.

Placement Possibilities: Reed diffusers can be placed anywhere around your home and don't need to be monitored like a candle should be. You can even put them in enclosed spaces such as a linen cupboard to keep everything smelling beautiful and fresh.


Top reasons to purchase a candle:

Ambience: There is just something about candles that can't really be explained. The glow and flickering of candlelight produces a lovely ambience that can't be replicated by a reed diffuser. There is nothing better than relaxing in the bath or in bed with nothing more than a candle lit. It provides a calm and relaxing effect that just can't be beaten.

More control over fragrance strength: Candles have a very strong fragrance that will last as long as the candle is lit. Reed diffusers provide a longer lasting fragrance that dissipates over time until the reed sticks are flipped. Due to these factors, you can have your candle lit for the entire 4 hours for a beautiful strong fragrance over a longer period of time, or blow out early if it is to strong for you. With reed diffusers you don't have that control over the strength. 

Mind/Body: Having candles lit around your home can provide the perfect atmosphere helping to relieve stress by inducing a sense of calm and well being.