Why are Reed Diffusers so amazing?

Reed Diffusers @ The Corbett Collective
What makes them so great?
- A flame free alternative in your home.
- Provides a constant fragrance that lasts all day long.
- Perfect for those areas prone to smells such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, near litter boxes.
- Perfect for those areas where you want your guests to experience a beautiful smell such as the entryway table, guest bedrooms, living areas.
- Safe, beautiful in appearance and long lasting. A reed diffuser from The Corbett Collective can last 6-10 months in your home.
How to use a reed diffuser?
- Once you receive your package from The Corbett Collective, unscrew the cap, remove the plastic stopper, screw the lid back on.
- Pop the reeds into the diffuser through the designated hole on the lid.
- Place in a safe spot, out of reach of young children and animals, on a flat surface.
- Ensure you do not place on a surface where the liquid may damage, check for any drips of fragrance or leakage onto the glassware prior to placing on these surfaces to avoid damage.
- Flip your reeds every 2 weeks. This will provide a fresh burst of fragrance so you get the best performance out of your diffuser.
- Enjoy!